The Unnoticed song
The 38th song of Eurovision 2024
Do you hear the music?
This is what a peaceful European city sound like. This is what peace sounds like. Peace that remains possible as long as Ukraine is strong and standing.
The EU cities sound
For over 10 years, there has been war in Ukraine. For over 2 years, a full-scale invasion has changed the lives of everyone. The first thing Ukrainians notice when they come to EU countries is the precious peaceful life.

The opportunity to see your loved ones tomorrow and not when they are released from captivity. To meet the sunrise with first kisses and not the explosions. To watch the fire burn in the fireplace, and not in the place where your neighbour's house used to stand. These contrasts are dramatic for Ukrainian eyes.
Ukrainian Leadership Academy
To remind European people about the precious things that go unnoticed, 110 students of the Ukrainian Leadership Academy decided to... play the music. Right before the Eurovision, a song contest that has been uniting the world for 68 years with competing songs, students have decided to unite Europe with one song that goes above the competition. The song of a peaceful European city. The song of peace.
Live immersive audio experience
What does peace
sound like?
Music of peace is subtle. It hides in plain sites. It rings in your friend's laughter, creaks during a morning run, pours with hot coffee in a cafe, squeaks in bicycle that has long been waiting for a fix, and heartfully whines with a child who dropped a toy.
8 cities
The audio experience installation is visiting peaceful European cities.
1 mirror installation
Which lets you to not only listen to, but also to hear the music. To not only look around, but also to see.
1 song of peace
Sounds of an everyday afternoon in
Strasbourg, Brussels, Frankfurt, Munich, Bratislava, Copenhagen and Dresden.
We want you to notice the usual sounds of a peaceful city. So that you could really hear this true song of peace. So that you could feel it, see it around you, and finally realize the value of these precious tunes.
Live installation
Tour dates
20 APR
6-8 pm
Prague, Czech Republic
Wenceslas Square
21 APR
4-7 pm
Brussels, Belgium
Carr de l’Europe
23 APR
9-11 am
Brussels, Belgium
Place du Luxembourg
24 APR
5-8 pm
Strasbourg, France
Place de la Cathédrale
25 APR
5-8 pm
Frankfurt, Germany
26 APR
5-8 pm
Copenhagen, Denmark
City Hall Square
26 APR
5-8 pm
Munich, Germany
27 APR
5-8 pm
Dresden, Germany
An der Kreuzkirche
27 APR
2-5 pm
Bratislava, Slovakia
Hviezdoslavovo namestie
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How to help
Slow down. Look around you. Hear the music. See the song of peace.

Peace that will last as long as Ukraine is standing.
Peace that will last as long as the EU firmly supports Ukraine.
Peace that will last as long as you vote for politicians willing to provide that support.
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Donate for humanitarian and military aid
Protect the sky above a peaceful city. Provide Ukrainian soldiers with drones that serve them for eyes. Educate the youth. Fulfill the dreams of children affected by war. The choice is yours. Every small donation is a sound support.
Support pro-Ukrainian politicians
Every vote for politicians who care about Ukraine brings closer the day where peace is an everyday reality and not the privilege. Because peace in Europe is impossible until russia is not defeated.
Check for brands and manufacturers who back russian regime
Supporting russian economy means supporting occupant's armed forces. Every dollar of taxes paid to russian regime transforms into rockets bombing Ukrainian civilians and the deportation of Ukrainian children.
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Despite the war, Ukrainian entrepreneurs remain resilient. Hundreds of businesses continue to operate, moving from front-line areas and supporting the Ukrainian economy. Spend With Ukraine is a platform with over 220 Ukrainian businesses and brands ranging from clothing and home goods to educational products and services.
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